Get The Core You WANT With These Ab Workouts!

Everyone wants to get that lean, slim sleek core that they want with their abs popping out. That is the end goal. However, do you have how an idea of how many people are seeking this goal, but have no clue on how to get there. The biggest part of making this happen is the diet, but you must also factor in the proper ab workouts to really give your abs and midsection the slim, fit look that you’re after. You too, may be one of those people who is a little confused on how to get the core that you want, because if you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be here looking for information, but that’s okay! The great thing is that we have the exact ab workouts that you need and you can start, right now, to have a more toned midsection in just a couple weeks.

Stomach Vacuums

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, and many other body builders that came after these guys are all fans of an ab workout called the stomach vacuum. Basically, you blow all of the air out of your lungs and your diaphragm and then you suck your stomach in at the navel, as hard as you can and then you hold it there for 15-30 seconds. If you take a look back in the 1600s and 1700s, you will take a look at the corsets that a lot of the women had on their waist and THIS is the reason. Corsets train your waist to tighten up and to look smaller than what it really is and stomach vacuums do the same. Around bodybuilding competition times, bodybuilders lived off of this one ab workout.

Cable Wood Chops

Cable wood chops are another one of the best ab workouts and this is a great workout for boosting both the looks of your midsection, as well as your performance. Take a look at golfers, baseball players, hockey players, and many other sports for that matter. What do they have in common? The foundation of the movements involves some sort of rotating with the trunk to effectively play their sport. Cable wood chops help to strengthen the entire midsection, but it puts emphasis on the obliques which are the side muscles of anyone’s midsection that have a downward and inward slant. These muscles are in direct correlation to the thickness of your waistline, and they are responsible for the performance of many athletes.


Bridges are one of the most common ab workouts for many crossfit and paleo diet advocates. It is a full body workout, but it is also one of the best ab workouts. This ab workout works your entire core. Every abdominal muscle is involved to keep your body held up off the ground and balanced. Similar to cable wood chops, this improves both your physique, as well as your physical performance.

Conclusion: Get The Core You WANT With These Ab Workouts!

Call these the Big 3, call them whatever you want, but if you want to get the core that you want, you can bet it will be done with these ab workouts. These are the ab workouts that the pros don’t tell you about. They do them every time they go in the gym to work their abs. Maybe, not these exact exercise but some form or variation of these exercise to work the same part of their core. Keep in mind, these ab workouts are extremely effective, but to get the most benefit, you need to have a proper diet regimen to go with them.

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