Why HIIT Exercises Are Amazing For Losing Weight!

Right along the topic of intermittent fasting, HIIT exercises have also been getting a ton of buzz within the health and fitness industry. Why? Simply put, because HIIT exercises are amazing for losing weight. Sit any fitness expert down and when they tell you the key components of a workout routine that would be best for losing weight, you can pretty much check nearly everything off the list when HIIT exercises are mentioned. HIIT exercises are many different components of working out all wrapped into certain exercises and best of all, they are short, quick and you need not to spend hours in the gym. With that, let’s cover a few reasons on why HIIT exercises are amazing for losing weight.

Afterburn Effect

Believe it or not, when you workout and depending on the intensity level of your workout, it will have what is called an afterburn effect on your body. This is when your body is still in a mode to where its ability to burn calories is increased even long after you have completed your workout. More than anything, the number one thing that someone needs to focus on is either burning more calories or decreasing the number they consume. Ultimately, both lead to the goal of a calorie deficit. HIIT exercises are great for this because they can have an afterburn effect of 24 to even as high as 48 hours after you’ve completed your workout. Wow!

Total Body Workout

Another reason as to why HIIT exercises are amazing for losing weight is because they are a total body workout. Anyone knows that a great way to increase muscle mass, or to burn body fat is to implement some form or variation of a total body workout. It is these workouts when the most amount of calories are burned, because every muscle group in the body is included to complete the workout regimen. In addition to the increased calorie burn, some great things are happening within the body behind the scenes when it comes to hormones.

Increases Muscle Mass

Looking to lose “weight” in general is quite easy, but when you’re looking to specifically lose body fat, then you will definitely want to put some of your focus on increasing your muscle size. Now, maybe for the guys they may want to be big and yoked up, but for women they may want a little more muscle size in certain areas to complement their shape and regardless of your goal, HIIT exercises will help you get there. Although HIIT exercises are usually short bursts of activity, they are extremely intense – thus the name. The intensity alone will contribute to muscle being built very rapidly and if you have any doubt, go take a look at sprinters. They are usually very jacked and have great muscle development and this is because of the HIIT exercises that they do such as sprinting.

Conclusion: Why HIIT Exercises Are Amazing For Losing Weight!

At the end of the day, everyone draws their own conclusions as to what works for losing weight and what doesn’t work. Needless to say, they are entitled to their opinions. Not everything will work for everyone, but when it comes to results and key theories based on science, HIIT exercises implemented into anyone’s routine will have the effect of allowing them to lose weight and get into great shape reasonably fast. Possibly, the best shape that they’ve ever been in in their life.

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